Intro to Charleston, South Carolina


     Mary Anne’s son, Chuck Williams, graduated from The Citadel in 1983. She went to Charleston to attend his Ring Dance - the occasion when they celebrate receiving their senior class ring - it’s a big deal. That was the first time she visited Charleston.  Joe had never been to Charleston so we decided it was time to do it.  

10 February - 15 February 2013

     We selected the Road Scholar tour: The Siege of Charleston, Charleston Architecture, and Low-country Traditions and Culture, stayed at the Coastal Retreat Center on the Isle of Palms where we had our daily lectures before venturing into the City of Charleston every day and several evenings. 

     The town of Charles Towne, located on a natural harbor where the Ashley and Cooper rivers overflow onto the Atlantic Ocean, was settled in 1670. It was a business venture.  The city walls were built in 1780 during the American Revolution. During the Antebellum period between the Revolution and the War between the States, Charleston broke its British ties yet had no cultural background that was American - architecturally, it was a period of experimentation to establish an American identity. The City of Charleston was under siege during The War between the States (also know as the War of Northern Aggression or the Period of Unpleasantness)  from August 26, 1863 until February 8, 1865.  At the turn of the 20th century, Charleston was “too poor to paint and to proud to whitewash”. Then came the Preservation Movement and today Charleston is America’s most historic city, known for its outstanding architecture, its role during the War between the States, and its outstanding Southern cuisine. 

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