Pure New Zealand


23 February - 8 March 2010

Here we are in New Zealand celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary!

It was to be our first visit and everyone told us that New Zealand was incredible - they were not exaggerating!  That country far exceeded our expectations in so many ways - the variety of discoveries was almost never ending:  the geology, the landscape, the uniqueness of the culture, the history of the Maori and European settlers, the flora & fauna in their summer, the food & wine, and the lifestyle and friendliness of the people, just to name a few. 

We traveled with Overseas Adventure Travel, our third trip with them, and we think they best described the place:  “New Zealand is a thrilling microcosm of the natural world - a land where wild rivers and glaciers flow through rain forests to the sea, pristine lakes and pastoral forests hug volcanic slopes, and snowcapped peaks pierce the sky.”

The New Zealand island continent was totally submerged and still attached to Australia 135 million years ago when Gondwanaland began to split apart into the present-day continents.  Today, the New Zealand island continent is a separate continent from Australia and much of the New Zealand island continent is still submerged , exposing almost only the North and South Islands.

Sorry there are so many photos but each one is a special memory for us. 

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North Island

South Island

Flora of New Zealand

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