Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland


Inspired by Whisky on the Rocks - Origins of the ‘Water of Life’, Joe has had a dream for a long time now of going on a whisky trail through the Highlands and Isles of Scotland and we decided to make that dream a reality.  We decided to expand upon that venture to include the distilleries of Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Guinness’ Storehouse in Dublin.

We were informed by a hostess at one of the distilleries that everyone has to do it before “you pop your clogs!”  We wholeheartedly agree with her!

We spent three weeks in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland doing just that (and seeing a good many places and things in between distilleries).  We left on 28 August and returned on 16 September - most of the time we had pretty good weather.  We traveled with our dear friends, Dave and Claire Moore, and their daughter Laurie De Leon who was our driver.  Laurie drove for us because the four of us were all too old to rent a car in Ireland.  It was her first trip to Europe so she couldn’t have been more pleased.

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Edinburgh to Speyside

On the Whisky Trail:  Speyside to the Isle of Skye

On the Whisky Trail:  Skye to Islay

Northern Ireland

Republic of Ireland

Dublin & the Guinness Storehouse

Slainte Mhath (Slan G va)!


On the Whisky Trail

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