Mexico’s Colonial Heartland


We traveled the Colonial Heartland of Mexico with Elderhostel from 2-17 March 2009 and stayed on in Mexico City for two additional days on our own.  We visited Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Dolores Hidalgo, Altoronito, Queretaro, Tepotzotlan, Mexico City, and Teotihuacan, discovering Mexico’s Origins:  Silver, Culture, and Revolution.  We had 8 outstanding lectures on the History of Mexico given by John Barham:  The Conquest;  El Grito! Call for Independence;  Independence:  30 Years & 30 Presidents;  War for Texas Independence;  Mexican-American War;  Benito Juarez and the Second Emperor Maxmilian;  Porfirio Diaz;  the Revolutions of 1910 & 1914;  Obregon & Calles;  and From Cardenas to Calderon.  We enjoyed a variety of delicious Mexican dishes, took in numerous beautiful religious and secular art and architecture, enjoyed the warm hospitality of the Mexican people, and savored everything about that country - MA’s 71st birthday present and a dream come true!

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San Miguel de Allende

Altoronito & Dolores Hidalgo


Tepotzotlan - the most beautiful church the world over

Mexico City with Elderhostel

Mexico City on Our Own


Tenochtitlan (Templo Mayor) - Land of the Ancient Aztecs

Photographic History of Mexico to 1821

Photographic History of Mexico 1821 - Present

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Mexico’s Origins:  Silver, Culture and Revolution

Dream of a Summer Afternoon in the Alameda,Diego Rivera,1947

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